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Soukou Musume Senki (alternatively Armored Girls or LBX Girls) is an upcoming anime based on the Soukou Musume video game. Despite having Soukou Musume in the show's title, it will feature different characters, story and worldview from the game. Soukou Musume takes place in the Danball Senki universe, created by DMM Games. In this universe, there exists LBX, or Little Battlers eXperience, a line of toys which are both model kits and fully functioning robots.

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Deprived of their everyday lives, five girls - the "armored girls" - wear tactical weapons called "LBX units" on their limbs. The mission of the chosen transferees girls, is to clean up and eradicate the Mimesis, a metallic life form that continues to consume and proliferate across multiple worlds. A life as mercenaries forced to transcend time and space is a life-threatening school trip that offers a glimpse of the world's "hope" and "despair"!



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